misha teplitskiy

school of information | university of michigan


I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Information. My research focuses on the drivers of scientific innovation ("science of science"). I study how scientists communicate ideas to one another and the general public, and how these flows are shaped by status, culture, location, and technology. I also study how  scientific organizations evaluate and select research projects to invest into. Methodologically, I employ a variety of tools from the computational social science toolkit, especially field experiments and quantitative analysis of administrative data.

The evaluation/selection stream of work aims to identify how the evaluation processes organizations use may unintentionally favor particular ideas or innovators. Projects include

The communication stream of work explores how exposure to others’ ideas depends on reading practices, co-location, conferencing and other channels of communication, and identifies how status and culture make some scientists’ ideas more visible than others’. Projects include

Last but not least, I am interested in political polarization. I am studying how the physical places where individuals spend time provides (or doesn't) exposure to cross-partisan ideas. 

Previously, I was a Postdoc at the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH). I received my PhD in Sociology from the University of Chicago, where I was a member of KnowledgeLab.

See my CV for papers and links.

Lab: DiscoveryLab, www.discolab.org

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=DzSXZd9yYy8C

Advising: currently not accepting PhD students

Office: North Quad #3369, 105 S State St

Email: tepl @ umich . edu